Sunday, September 18, 2016


 This week I found myself reading at any moment I had free. Whether it was between classes, at lunch, at home, or even in the few seconds I had of down time in the middle of class I always found myself trying to find time to read a few lines (which quickly became pages). I don't think I mentioned in my last blog but reading has always been a task for me, it was hard finding the right book, then you have to find the time to get into it, then time to finish it and all that time was time I didn't have, well at least I thought. But over the summer something clicked I went back to find my reading habits and noticed that some of my favorite books were yes, your typical "basic white girl" type of books but I guess its because, well I relate to them (shocker I know, the cheerleader relates to books about high school girl drama). But I found that if your reading books you identify with its a lot more interesting and easy to read because you can relate to the characters on a personal level. So because I'm a girl and what girl doesn't love a book about cute boys and girl drama I started and finished Those Girls by Lauren Saft.  Its a non fiction book about the complicated relationships between girls. Saft makes her case that girls can be cruel. She makes this point very clear throughout the book.

 The book switches narrators every chapter between three "best friends" Alex, Veronica, and Mollie giving the book a more well rounded feel because you get all three peoples feelings and opinions to  situations which I was a huge fan of however, I had very mixed feelings on this book. This book would be more borderline questionable because it had some sensitive material and I also didn't think it sent a very positive message. One part where I thought was challenging was in one of Mollies chapters when her and Alex decided they wanted revenge on Victoria "we could roofie her Alex said between giggles"(245). I personally was not effected by it but I don't know how comfortable I would be recommending it to someone without the fair warning. So if you feel uncomfortable reading these types of books then this isn't a book for you. But like I said It didn't strongly effect me and I do have to commend Saft on taking this topic and running with it and not holding anything back. She also did a great job on keeping the readers attention and really captivating the audience between each turn of the page.

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